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**Burgess & Hall Christmas Wine Offer (Order NOW. Offer ends THURSDAY 16 Dec)**
We have put together some outstanding cases for you this Christmas. These are characterful wines made by some wonderful small, independent producers.  Anti-Amazon and anti-supermarket choices; they’re not homogeneous or made on an industrial scale.  They’re satisfying and life affirming, something that we all need a little of at the moment. There is a somewhat ‘classic’ feel to our cases: I think we’ve been hankering for something reassuring, but as ever with our Burgess & Hall twist. Quite simply they’re the tastiest wines you can drink over the festive season, and they represent outstanding value for money. Read on for full details. To order email and we’ll be in touch to arrange delivery and payment

Festive box A: £147.90 for 12 bottles
(Half case available for £77.90 – 6 bottles)

2 bottles each of…
Bergecrac Blanc Sec, Chateau Barouillet, South West, France 2019
In times of a global pandemic, you just need a steadfast and delightful Burgess & Hall favourite. For the sheer quality and value that it represents, it had to stay in the case this year.  (shelf price £16.90, abv 13.5%)

Saint Cyrgues Blanc, Chateau Saint-Cyrgues, Rhone, France 2020
Generous and giving, but retaining great freshness too. A beautiful blend of Roussanne, Viognier and Grenache Blanc, think fresh lemons and honey.  (shelf price £12.90, abv 12.5%)

Bianco Catarratto, Fabrizio Vella, Sicily, Italy 2020
This grape native to the island of Sicily has notes of white peaches and spring blossom, it’s delicate and enlivening, and will transport you away from the darkness of winter. (shelf price £10.90, abv 12%)

Bergecrac Rouge, Chateau Barouillet, South West, France 2020
Close to Bordeaux, but definitely NOT Bordeaux: rich, ripe, warming, Christmas in a glass. (shelf price £18.45, abv 13.5%)

Le Marmot Cinsault, La Grange Saint André, Languedoc, France 2020
Cinsault is such an under-appreciated grape, this example has the delicacy and finesse of a Pinot Noir, packed with strawberry, red cherry & cranberries and subtle earthy undertones. (shelf price £16.90, abv 12.5%)

Cota 700, Carlos Lucas Vinhos, Dão, Portugal 2020
From vineyards surrounded by oak forests and mountain streams; it’s a beautiful deep violet colour in the glass with inviting aromas of blackberries, blueberries and notes of sweet pine forests too.  (shelf price £11.90, abv 13%)

Festive box B: £229.90 for 12 bottles
(Half case available for £122.90 – 6 bottles)

2 bottles each of…
Anathéme Blanc, Monte de Marie, Languedoc, France 2020
A bounty of beautiful flavours of apricots, apple blossom and almost a touch of vanilla custard, believe us, it tastes gorgeous!  (shelf price £18.90, abv 12%)

Dandelion Albarino, Bodegas Nanclares, Rias Baixas, Spain 2020
This Albarino is a world away from homogeneous supermarket volume rubbish, this is the Grand Cru of Albarino, saline, lean, like a slice of lemon tart, so refreshing yet generous too. (shelf price £22.90, abv 12.5%)

Mâcon-Chardonnay ‘En Serre’, Domaine Guillot-Broux, Burgundy, France 2018
Christmas isn’t Christmas without white Burgundy (if you’re us…) This is proper Chardonnay, gorgeously soft and supple, with a lick of cream and toasted hazelnuts.
(shelf price £26.90, abv 13%)

Côtes du Rhône Villages, Vieilles Vignes, Mourre du Tendre, Rhône, France 2017
Discover deep dark fruits, earthy tones, tones of Christmas spices such as cloves and cardamom, it’s a wonderful winter warmer, something to relish on these colder days.
(shelf price £22.90, abv 14%)

Cahors AOC, Château du Cèdre, Cahors, France 2019
A deep, elegant Malbec: it truly is a classic, something to savour at this festive time of year.(shelf price £24.45, abv 13.5%) 

Calco Pinot Noir, Triangle Wines, Casablanca, Chile 2020
Lip-smackingly juicy Pinot Noir; think crushed raspberries, bright red plums, but with a sweet vanilla spice supported by warming earthy tones too. (shelf price £21.45, abv 13.5%)

All Natural delights: £179.90 for 12 bottles
(Half case available for £95.90 – 6 bottles)
These are some of the best ‘natural’ wines we’ve enjoyed this year that we think represent outstanding value for money. These are all intensely enjoyable, wonderful wines that are produced with minimal intervention in the vineyard and winery along with little, if any, sulphur additions. They truly represent our ‘drink better’ mantra.

2 bottles each of…
Gros Plant Folle de L’Ouest, Cognettes, Nantes, Loire, France 2020
In the words of the winemaker ‘this [wine] hits you in the face like a waft of sea breeze’, wild, untamed and so life affirming, an oceanic deliciousness. (shelf price £15.90, abv 11.5%)

Di Gino Marche Bianco, Fattoria San Lorenzo, Marche, Italy 2019
Verdicchio, but not as you know it. It has a beautifully buttery mouthfeel, with notes of pear, white pepper and almonds, it’s so wildly versatile and delicious!
(shelf price £15.90, abv 13.5%)

Zelen White, Burja, Vipava, Slovenia 2020
A gorgeous skin macerated white from the near extinct ‘Zelen’ grape. A combination of lemon zest, waxy richness and light nuttiness; it’s beautifully layered and has a wonderful long finish.   (shelf price £22.90, abv 12.5%)

Salve Ager Rouge, Monte de Marie, Languedoc, France 2020
A blend of Cinsault and Grenache, think strawberry compote & lively forest fruits along with some sweet cinnamon spice and leather. Thierry’s wines are so delicious that we try and snap up every bottle that we can!  (shelf price £18.90, abv 14%)

Le Pas Rouge Gamay, Cognettes, Loire, France 2020
Don’t judge a wine by its label.  A real ‘vin de soif’, by that we mean crack it open and quench your thirst for bright, vibrant crunchy red fruits and super smooth tannins.
(shelf price £16.90, abv 12.5%)

Delmoro Tinto, La Comarcal, Valencia, Spain 2020
Packed with bright red fruits, wild herbs such as thyme and rosemary,  balsamic notes and hints of rose petals too. All that’s needed is a big dish of Valencian paella to devour alongside it. (shelf price £16.90, abv 13%)

How to order:

Simply email us your order anytime between now and midnight Thursday 16 December, and we’ll be in touch to arrange delivery and payment.  If you order ahead of 16 December, and would like to receive your wines sooner, we can arrange this for you. This year, we really do encourage you to order sooner rather than later. We are no less immune to the transport issues currently gripping everyone, and whilst we’ve done our best to secure stock in the country, there is a risk that items may run low.

Free delivery to any London ‘E’ postcode for six bottles or more. For the rest of London & UK (excluding highlands & islands) delivery is FREE for orders over £140 (£9.90 for orders under £140).

And finally…

We remain eternally optimistic and excited about the future, and truly believe that 2022 will be a wonderful year. We will always strive to make the world of Burgess & Hall Wines a welcoming one to everyone, we want to continue to bring you much vinous pleasure for many years to come. When you support a small, independent business like ours it not only secures our survival, but that of the wider wine community – small growers and their families and the land that they look after. These people are working hard to preserve the land for future generations, and to help make our planet resilient. So thank you for your support, it means everything to us.

Rosamund & Paul


The Fine Print
Free delivery to any London ‘E’ postcode for six bottles or more. For the rest of London & UK (excluding highlands & islands) delivery is FREE for orders over £140 (£9.90 for orders under £140)
All goods should be examined at the time of delivery. Please notify us of any discrepancies, shortages or damage within 48 hours of delivery. Damaged bottles and packaging should be kept for inspection.
To comply with the Data Protection Act 1984, we are required to inform you that we have recorded your name and address on our computer for the sole purpose of delivering the wines to your designated address.  We will not share your personal data with any third parties.
We will do all we can to provide you with the same vintage and wine that is in this offer, however if we sell out, we reserve the right to change the vintage or substitute the wine for another of equal (or higher) value.
It is against the law to sell alcohol to someone under 18 anywhere.
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It is against the law to sell alcohol to someone under 18 anywhere

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